Mobile App aims to educate kids who face difficulties in speaking the right way to speak words for different languages and accents through AR Technology in addition to AI to validate the spoken words


Due to the increasing number of kids with developmental delays, including speech and language disorders, Autism, and Down Syndrome.

This resulted in big difficulties in speaking words in the right way, so they did not get enough Linguistic outcomes and facing challenges in learning to speak words correctly in their environment, so they are facing social challenges and communication difficulties.


Mobile Application that helps parents educate their children on the right way to speak words interactively using fun, the application uses a multisensory strategy (VAKT) by displaying 3D objects for the word and hearing the scientific way of speaking the word based on the intonation of the speech and melody.


  1. Early intervention for children who are challenged in speaking
  2. Assessing children to speak words based on their age group
  3. Reducing efforts & costs for educating speaking words in the specialized centers
  4. Directing & mentoring parents to educate their children to speak words correctly

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

We’ve used Artificial intelligence (AI) in the virtual avatar that plays with the kid, by letting him record his speech, and the AI avatar repeats his voice in a funny way using animations and facial expressions. The AI system records and analyzes kid’s speech to make the comparison with the original correct voice that is stored in the system, and tells the parents the percentage of the matching with the correct one.


Bader Asalwa:

AR & VR Technology Expert & Trainer. Founder and CEO of Immesense for Interactive Solutions. Strongly experienced in Designing and developing Interactive solutions that target different business sectors using Immersive Technologies (AR, VR & MR, In addition, In addition to Research and development in the digital transformation of education, culture, business, and social life.

Zainab AboAlrob:

Has B. A in Special Education, School teacher, Researcher and trainer, Founder & CEO of Z ABA Academy, continuing master’s degree in Clinical Psychology, Certified as an Autism Behaviour Supervisor (QASPS), specialized in Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) to support children’s development, her experience includes supervising & assessing the mapping programs (VP-MAPP), and basic language & learning skills (ABLLS).