What is VR Expo Shop?

Immesense – Providing Solutions for Business sectors using AR & VR

It’s an immersive exhibition system

that moves the marketing and customer service to the next generation.

Which aims to present all the services and products of the companies to their customers through an immersive virtual world using Virtual Reality Headset (VR).

The system is customizable based on the company’s needs & requirements, so they can present all services and products and let the customers interact with them, without the need to interact with actual humans.

The system uses real-time hand tracking instead of wireless controllers to interact with virtual items.

Use your HANDS instead of traditional input devices to interact with virtual items and the virtual world


Make you customers get fun using the VR Headset, which is a fun and memorable experience that draws the smile on the their faces

Safe & Secured

Learning about your products & services without touching any physical devices that are maybe sharable and always need to be sterilized

Increasing Sales

The system motivates the customer to make an order after inspecting the device through connecting him directly with the sales team

A 360 panoramic view of the system

Video Presentation of the demo version

Video Presentation of the Jawwal Showroom

Need to know more?

If you like to know more and try the virtual experience, contact us, and we will get back to you shortly.