We have worked on Customizable Platforms, besides other projects in AR / VR Apps & Games, 3D Design & Motion Graphics

What are our Products?

We have developed customizable AR & VR platforms for different business sectors


Online system facilitates showing, managing & marketing Real-Estate for both companies and customers using Mobile & VR Devices.

VR Expo Shop

VR Systems enabling the customers of the companies to interact with virtual devices and get virtual assistant using their hands and VR Headset

VR Event Shop

Virtual Event System aims to enable the creators of the event to create virtual events and present conferences and create booths for exhibitors

Projects in AR / VR Apps & Games, 3D Design & Motion Graphics

land vr simulation in Ramallah immesense

Land Simulation

This project is about land simulation in Ramallah- Palestine The…

Car Simulation

Real-time physically rendered application for simulating specific cars based on…

Kiosk Simulator

Using Virtual Reality for E-Commerce gives us a different taste…